Catherine Crawley | Online London Life Coaching to Reach your True Potential and find your True Purpose in Life
Online Transformational Life Coaching to reconnect to your true self, understand your real purpose in life, reach your fullest potential and achieve your goals at work and at home in areas including Pregnancy, Career Change, Confidence and Relationships.
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Creating Transformational Change with Life Coaching


Life coaching is considered as the art of facilitating change to help you reach your fullest potential and achieve your goals at work and at home.

We all have the potential to achieve what we really want from life, whether it’s changing career to embark on something we’re really passionate about or manifesting a meaningful loving relationship or creating a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.  My role as a Life Coach is to unlock that potential and support you to create transformational change to enable you to live your life to the fullest, manifesting happiness, health and wellbeing, improved relationships and a purpose that’s aligned to your authenticity.



To create meaningful and lasting change, together we will develop a deep awareness of your true self to create transformational shifts in your external world using the following 3 step ‘inside-out’ process:

1) Clarify who you truly are and connect with authenticity and compassion.  I will help you develop self-awareness and an understanding of why you might be living a life you don’t truly love.  I will help you make sense of your true purpose and desires in life.

2) Change how you perceive yourself and the world around you.  Having developed awareness around why you’re feeling stuck and what you truly desire I will then support you to transform outdated beliefs enabling you to reach your fullest potential, enhance your self-esteem, build emotional resilience and move forward in life with confidence and clarity.

3) Create the fulfillment, happiness and success you deserve and watch your life unfold in ways you didn’t think were possible.  With the clarity, connection and change you’ve already manifested you’ll be more motivated to make choices and initiate action that you feel and know are authentic to you.  I will help you in this last step to externally create and implement the life that’s aligned to your true holistic self.

Life coaching sessions are currently available online.