Catherine Crawley | Online Psychotherapeutic Counselling
I'm here to support you through any life challenges and emotional difficulties you're currently facing
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Psychotherapeutic Counselling


I’m here to support you through those more challenging and difficult times in life.

This may be a time in your life when you’re feeling low, anxious, depressed or confused.

Life can be unpredictable and uncertain which can have a negative impact on how you feel or perhaps your thoughts and beliefs may be sabotaging your real potential in life.

There are many reasons why we might be feeling challenged, when life starts to take an unexpected turn, when we’re experiencing emotional pain or when we’re feeling stuck and as though we’re existing rather than living resulting in stress, tension, conflict, uncertainty and negativity.

Together we’d explore your current experiences, building awareness around your what’s happening for you in the moment and making sense and meaning of your experiences at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

I offer counselling support in areas including depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties, trauma, abuse, stress management, addiction, bullying, low confidence and self esteem, health issues, pregnancy and work related problems.


As a Humanistic Counsellor I believe we all have the ability to reach our true potential in life and it is often those coping mechanisms and habitual ways of being in life that we have learned over time that inhibit this natural process.

I provide a safe and supportive counselling space where together we can make sense of how those coping mechanisms may be contributing to your current situation, problems and relationships and you can begin to feel more empowered through the insight we gain and become more choiceful in life.

Together we’d build awareness of your whole experience, attending to all aspects of you (mind, body and spirit) in the here and now and in relationship with me so that we can begin to understand what might be holding you back in life and contributing to how you’re currently feeling in a confidential, safe and accepting space where growth and change can organically occur. 

Sometimes all we need is a safe space to talk to someone about what’s troubling us, I’ll be by your side through this challenging time and support you on your journey towards personal healing, discovery, growth and change.

Counselling sessions are currently available online.