Catherine Crawley | Life Coaching
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Life Coaching


Life coaching is considered as the art of facilitating and supporting change to help you reconnect to your real self, understand your real purpose in life, reach your fullest potential and achieve your goals.

We all have the potential to achieve what we really want from life, whether it’s changing career to embark on something we’re really passionate about or manifesting a meaningful loving relationship or creating a healthier lifestyle .  My role as a Life Coach is to unlock that potential by facilitating self-awareness, building emotional resilience, dissolving any psychological blocks and supporting you through the process of behavioural and relational change. 

I use a holistic and integrative approach where we collaboratively build awareness and understanding of perceptions, feelings and beliefs to help you reconnect to who you really are so that you can organically become your truest self in life and achieve the happiness and success you deserve.


I value the importance of the rapport between client and coach and so offer a free telephone consultation so we can openly discuss your intentions and get to know each other before making the choice of embarking on the coaching journey together.

There will be an initial coaching session that will entail collaboratively drawing up a coaching contract to be signed by both parties. This session typically lasts one hour and thirty minutes.

Together we will establish the structure of the coaching sessions including the objectives, outcome measurements, feedback procedures and the number of sessions agreed over a specified time frame.

Following the initial coaching session subsequent meetings take place which typically last one hour and the number of meetings will be dependent on you and your goals.

Life coaching sessions are available in Central London, South West London, Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham, Chelsea

and at Therapy Rooms in Mayfair and South Kensington